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Just want to share lesson and learnt .

First thing first, once you get an authority from your management as project manager, you have to mastering and get familiar with your EPC contract; it's scope of works, terms and payment, contract schedules,changes, rates, type of the contract, etc.
You may need to discuss with proposal group to build and define the WBS (Work Break Down Structure) as your basis of works as per contract SOW.

At this WBS, we need to define the engineering deliverables as required , as stated on MDR (Master Delevirable Register), Materials/equipments to be pocured (Procurement master schedule), and list up the construction activities to install those materials / equipments up to start up and commissioning.

From this WBS we can define schedule duration, cost, and resourcess required.

We need also to budget some several clients specific requirements such as quality, safety, site specific requirements, security, community dev, project management expenses and also some contigency (management reserves) that need to have agreement with your management.

Definitely as Project Manager you may requires project engineering support, Construction team, QA/QC, and also project control support, which the quantity and numbers deppend on the size of the project and also as per contract requirements. You need to delegate the work
responsibilities as per their experties.

From here at this planning stage at minimum, we might have the followings:

1. WBS dictionary (as per contract SOW) and additional WBS for project management / reserves as stated above.

2.Poject Master schedule (as per contract Schedule) which will be broke down into:

2a.Contract / Target milestones
2b.Master Delverable Registers
2c.Procurement Master schedule
2d.Construction (up to start up/ comm) schedule
2e.Close out

3.Cost & Budget and target set up (and also cash flow forecasting as per terms of payments)

4.Resourcess requirements

5.Safety and Quality requirements.

Further after contract signing. Together with your client need to set up "kick off" meeting to discuss and verify the SOW to avoid future disputes, setting up targets and milestones etc.

And you might to enter the execution and controlling phase of the project...

On 7/10/09, Winner Yousman wrote: Dear all,

Could help me give the advice and suggestion with the situation below ?
Dear all,

Could help me give the advice and suggestion with the situation below ?

I have been assigned as Project Manager and the information of project has show below :The project is EPC Project
The project has been awarded to my company
1. I was not involved in the proposal preparation work at all
2. Contract will be signed with client two weeks later. ( Contract documents are already available )
3. Client Representatives will start staying resident immedately after contract signing
EPC Schedule is very tight, and the budget seems to be very severe
4. All key members involved in proposal preparation will be assigned in different project, not in this EPC project per the TOP Management Policy
5. Top Management expects you to ensure the profit per the company standard
6. Engineering Manager has also been already assigned, but all other project key members will be assigned very soon.

Please suggest me what should I do as the first things to do if I have been assigned as Project Manager ?

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